Business to Business DeliveryBicycle Couriers

Our bicycle couriers will take care of all of your small same day deliveries within the downtown Core!

We have dedicated employee’s who are determined to guarantee customer satisfaction in the downtown area, who work through sunshine, rain and even the inevitable Calgary snowfalls.

Business to Business,Business to CustomerersVehicle Couriers

Custom Delivery offers vehicle delivery services, covering the Calgary area and its surrounding areas. Currently have 3 drivers who operate sedans to larger vehicles.  Experinced drivers who have worked for other transportation services. 

We  can accommodate our drivers operating smaller cars to take care of city-wide envelopes, packages and smaller shipments.

Public Services

Custom delivery caters to all customers, whether a small business, large or the public.  We have public services that we cater to as a team. 

  • Pharmacy pickup and drop off
  • Alcohol drop off service Personal
  • Shopper service Small envelope
  • Package service

Live Tracking,Phone Notifications,Email Notifications

Always know when you will be receiving your shipment small or big. 

With live tracking, and notifications we incorporate the digital age with our business model. In order for us to meet the high demands needed to receive customer satisfaction.

Cash, Credit or Debit

For our customers who do not send deliveries often whether you’re a small business, large, or a the guy next door. We can accommodate your needs using cash, credit or debit.